We mine fungal genome data for drugs.

Hexagon Bio is a new biotech based in the Bay Area. We mine massive amounts of genomic data from fungal genomes to identify novel drugs for diseases with unmet needs. Our expertise is in genomics, synthetic biology, chemistry and computation.

The Team

Maureen Hillenmeyer, PhD Maureen is a founder and CEO of Hexagon. Previously, Maureen was director of the Genomes to Natural Products program and group leader at the Stanford Technology Genome Center. Brian Naughton, PhD Brian is a founder and head of data at Hexagon. Previously, he was founding scientist at 23andMe. Colin Harvey, PhD Colin is a founder and head of Chemistry and Biology at Hexagon. Previously, Colin led synthetic biology efforts for natural product discovery at the Stanford Genome Technology Center. Professor Yi Tang, PhD Yi is a founder of Hexagon, Professor at UCLA, and a world expert on fungal enzymes and natural products.

We are hiring!

Currently, we are hiring computational biologists, biologists with experience in automation, and chemists. If you are interested, email us at jobs@hexagonbio.com. For other inquiries, email info@hexagonbio.com

Hexagon Bio is located at 1505 Adams Drive, Suite A, Menlo Park, CA 94025