A new way to discover

DNA sequencing costs are dropping exponentially, and DNA synthesis costs are not far behind.

These technologies are enabling genome sequencing and engineering at an unprecedented scale. Many of the world's most important medicines are derived from nature, found by accident without knowledge of the source DNA sequence. We start from genomic data, then use our advanced software to identify, prioritize, and generate variants of the most promising molecules for testing.

Our Unique Approach

Our proprietary methods allow us to develop medicines against novel targets, even targets previously considered undruggable. Our focus is on oncology and anti-infective medicines.

TICker algorithm

The TICker algorithm can identify human targets of cryptic natural products, prioritizing among thousands of candidates.

HEx platform

The HEx platform for rapid production of Targeted Bioengineered Small Molecules (TBSMs) creates new chemical entities based on truly novel chemical scaffolds.

Why fungi?

Fungi are similar to humans, sharing 6000 genes, all of which are potential therapeutic targets. Fungi have evolved medicines for human proteins over billions on years. And while over 5 million fungi exist on Earth, only a few thousand species have been studied to date.

Sequencing Partners

We have ongoing collaborations with academic, governmental and industrial entities for genome sequencing projects.

Do you have fungal strains that you would like to have sequenced? We are looking to work with you! If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

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