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Tue, Sep 15, 2020

Using AI to Sequence Fungi Genomes for Cancer Treatments, Hexagon Bio Nets $47M in Series A

Early Tuesday morning, Hexagon Bio announced the closing of their Series A financing, pulling in $47 million from a group of investors led by The Column Group. The round, which also saw participation from 8VC and Two Sigma Ventures, will go toward creating a proprietary genomics database as well as building out a drug discovery team to develop the new compounds. Hexagon brought on Tod Smeal as its new CSO after he served in the same position at Lilly Research Labs.
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Tue, Oct 31, 2017

Scanning Fungal Warscapes for Drug Candidates

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Hexagon Bio leverages expertise in genomics, synthetic biology, chemistry, and computation to identify small molecules produced by fungi. These molecules, which are of intense interest to drug developers, might otherwise remain hidden.
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Publications & Presentations

Inducible mismatch repair streamlines forward genetic approaches to target identification of cytotoxic small molecules

Cell Chemical Biology

Thu P. Nguyen, Min Fang, Jiwoong Kim, Baiyun Wang, Elisa Lin, Vishal Khivansara, Neha Barrows, Giomar Rivera-Cancel, Maria Goralski, Christopher L. Cervantes, Shanhai Xie, Johann M. Peterson, Juan Manuel Povedano, Monika I. Antczak, Bruce A. Posner, Colin J.B. Harvey, Brian T. Naughton, David G. McFadden, Joseph M. Ready, Jef K. De Brabander, Deepak Nijhawan

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HEx: A heterologous expression platform for the discovery of fungal natural products.

Science Advances

Colin J. B. Harvey, Mancheng Tang, Ulrich Schlecht, Joe Horecka, Curt R. Fischer, Hsiao-Ching Lin, Jian Li, Brian Naughton, James Cherry, Molly Miranda, Yong Fuga Li, Angela M. Chu, James R. Hennessy, Gergana A. Vandova, Diane Inglis, Raeka S. Aiyar, Lars M. Steinmetz, Ronald W. Davis, Marnix H. Medema, Elizabeth Sattely, Chaitan Khosla, Robert P. St. Onge, Yi Tang, and Maureen E. Hillenmeyer.

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