Our team

Hexagon Bio’s diverse team combines computational biology and experimental investigation, with deep expertise at the intersection of these fields.


Maureen Hillenmeyer, PhD

CEO & Founder

Maureen is a founder and CEO of Hexagon Bio. Previously, she was director of the Genomes to Natural Products program and group leader at the Stanford Technology Genome Center.

Brian Naughton, PhD

Head of Data & Founder

Brian is a founder and head of data at Hexagon Bio. Previously, he was founding scientist at 23andMe.

Yi Tang, PhD


Yi is a founder of Hexagon Bio, Professor at UCLA, and a world expert on fungal enzymes and natural products.

Colin Harvey, PhD

Head of Biology & Chemistry & Founder

Colin is a founder and Head of Chemistry and Biology at Hexagon Bio. Previously, he led synthetic biology efforts for natural product discovery at the Stanford Genome Technology Center.

Andy Aymeloglu

Head of Engineering

Andy is the Head of Engineering at Hexagon Bio. Previously, he was Director of Engineering at Palantir Technologies.

Tod Smeal, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Tod leads Hexagon Bio's drug discovery team. Previously, he was Chief Scientific Officer of Cancer Biology at Lilly Research Labs. Tod has led many oncology programs at Lilly, Pfizer, and SUGEN where he played key roles on lorlatinib, crizotinib, and nirogacestat.

Jim Li, PhD

Vice President of Chemistry

Jim leads Hexagon’s chemistry team. Most recently, he was Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Calithera Biosciences where he led discovery efforts to advance multiple first-in-class clinical candidates in the oncology area. Previously, he served as project leader and led the medicinal chemistry efforts for virology, and contributed to the central nervous system (CNS) discovery activities at Roche.

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Board of Directors

David Goeddel, PhD

Managing Partner, The Column Group

Chairman, Hexagon Bio

Maureen Hillenmeyer, PhD

CEO & Founder, Hexagon Bio

Brian Naughton, PhD

Head of Data & Founder, Hexagon Bio

Millie Ray, PhD

Principal, The Column Group

Alex Kolicich

Founding Partner, 8VC

Juan Jaen, PhD

President & Co-Founder, Arcus Biosciences


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