We use data science and synthetic biology to turn the world's DNA into new medicines.

Finding Small Molecules to Treat Disease

We know many of the proteins that drive illnesses like cancer, but most are considered “undruggable” by experts. However, small molecules have evolved in several other species to target these proteins. Now, we have a way to find them and develop them into medicines.


Thanks to exponential reductions in DNA sequencing costs, thousands of species' genomes are now available.


Our proprietary algorithm searches genomes for small molecule inhibitors of selected target proteins.


Our unique synthetic biology platform enables us to rapidly produce lead compounds for clinical development.

Driven to Discover

Hexagon’s team includes PhDs in computational biology, biochemistry, and chemistry, as well as senior software engineers. We’re driven by the confidence that medicine’s greatest discoveries lie ahead, and are now within reach.

Hexagon Bio

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